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Desanders are used to separate sand and other particuls from drilling muds. During drilling and excavating operation drilling mud (bentonite) mixes with polluting matters such as; sands and clays. When drilling operation is finished, drilling mud must be treated and cleaned by separating these matters from mixture. Owing to that treat clean mud can be used for next operation and drilling mud being ready for concreting.

The first treatment comes true on a steel plate screen where 8mm matters separated. Second treatment comes true to pumping the mud inside hydrocyclone. Here 50 micron particles are separated.

SKC Makina produce three types of desanders SKD2200, SKD4400 and SKD840 which are named according to their capacity.
SKC Makina also produce double cycloning desanders which is named SKD 4400D, desander with desilter. First cyclining is same with desander’s first and second treatment. In that operation 50 micron particles are separated. For the second cycloning mud is pumped to little hydrocyclones. After that operation separation will be 20-30 microns.

Model/Type SKD 2200 SKD 4400 SKD 840
Pompa Kapasitesi
Pump Capacity
m³/h 130 250 60
mm Ø400 2xØ400 Ø250
Toplam Güç
Total Power
KW/V/Hz 24,2/380/51 47/380/51 17/380/51
Eleme Çapı
Cut Diameter
D50 µm 50 50 40
Eleme Öncesi Kum Oranı
Sand Content Before Treatment
% ~10 ~10 ~10
Eleme Sonrası Kum Oranı
Sand Content After Treatment
% ~4 ~4 ~4
mm 4468 x 1250 x 2600 4468 x 2000 x 2600 4350 x 1250 x 2600
kg ~2300 ~3500 ~2200